Only for You (Sapphire Springs, 2)

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Author : Barb Curtis

Only for You (Sapphire Springs, 2) Release Schedule

Release Date – July 27th, 2021

Only for You (Sapphire Springs, 2) Book Summary / Synopsis

Return to Sapphire Springs with this heartwarming romance where a small-town bakery owner finds herself in a fake relationship with the man she's always pined after.

Will a fake relationship between two friends lead to true love?

After having his heart broken on national television, Tim Fraser knows only one way to stop the gossip about his love life-a new girlfriend. The problem is, he's done with romance forever. A fake relationship with his friend and Sapphire Spring's sweetest baker, Emily Holland, seems the perfect solution to getting rid of his newfound fame, but their fleeting fauxmance is stirring up the kinds of feelings Tim has sworn off for good.

Emily has secretly lusted after Tim for years, but pretending her feelings are all for show never factored into her fantasy. Still, her decades-long crush makes it impossible to say no to Tim's proposal. But with each date, the lines between pretend and reality blur, giving Tim and Emily a tantalizing taste of life outside the friend zone . . . if they can find the courage to give real love a chance.