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Reclamation Release Schedule

Release Date – May 1st, 2021

Reclamation Book Summary / Synopsis

As the reader is pulled into a compelling story, they are exposed to the reality of a crime that is growing globally.

After Mallory Shields graduates from college in her idyllic Midwestern hometown, she embarks on an adventure with her best friend Jenna, taking a gap year to explore the other side of the world. Their journey quickly takes an unexpected turn, and the two young women find themselves in danger and exposed to crime, abuse, and the most dehumanizing conditions possible.

Forced into the horrific world of human sex trafficking, and fighting to return to their lives and families back home, the women struggle navigating a corrupt system and injustice beyond their control. Faced with the loss of time, betrayal, and extraordinary guilt, Mallory learns she must conjure strength she never knew possible and make hard compromises to become her true self.

This thrilling tale follows their individual experiences as captives and how those circumstances impact the future and relationships they long to return to.

The determination and strong will of the leading characters gives the reader a sense of how honesty, regret, time, and redemption work together to bring hope to a difficult situation as the characters discover what friendship and reclamation really mean.

I’ve been in a relatively unique position of dealing with the counselors, social workers and to a lesser degree the actual victims. . .and even through the stories I’ve heard, I’ve never felt the panic, the horrors, and the relentlessness that victims feel of being held and trafficked and sexually assaulted like I did while reading this book. This story needs to be told to a wide audience!” – Karen Marks, Agape International Mission.