The Bad Mother's Holiday (3)

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Author : Suzy K Quinn

The Bad Mother's Holiday (3) Release Schedule

Release Date – May 1st, 2021

The Bad Mother's Holiday (3) Book Summary / Synopsis

Every mother deserves a holiday. The third in the bestselling comedy series, Juliette Duffy is knocked up again. Preggers. Up the duff. To put it another way… whoops. While she and her hotel magnate boyfriend Alex get their heads around unexpected parenthood, Juliette is having all the usual pregnancy symptoms: throwing up, indigestion, sciatica, constipation, migraines, and brain-fuddling tiredness. Because Mother Nature is a psychopathic old hag. She needs a distraction and this summer she is determined to get away. Her party-loving mother is demanding the usual Duffy family all-inclusive Greek holiday. Her dad wants to go camping in Norfolk. And Alex? Well, he has asked her on a five-star luxury cruise. The trouble is, his mother is coming too… The third in Suzy K Quinn’s addictive, bestselling Bad Mother series, where Why Mummy Drinks meets Bridget Jones, is another laugh-out-loud treat.